Variceal Banding

Variceal Banding

Variceal bleeding is a debilitating condition that results in portal hypertension. Digestive tract bleeding within the stomach and the esophagus is a risky situation associated with cirrhosis.

Bleeding occurs due to an increase in the blood pressure within the veins that transfer blood from the digestive tract to the liver.

Variceal Banding

It is a method used for treating the esophageal varices that have a higher risk of rupturing.
The procedure requires multiple intervention to stop the bleeding from enlarged veins.

Individuals with variceal bleeding need appropriate care to minimize the risk of re-bleeding.

Technique Variceal Banding:

  • A lightened endoscope is used
  • An elastic band helps to control esophageal vein bleeding.
  • Banding prevents the blood flow to the vein. The banded tissue forms crust after ulceration that heals in few days.
  • It is a safe procedure that does not disrupt the esophageal structure or builds pressure within the portal system.
  • Regular monitoring is important during variceal banding

Treatment considerations


  • Laboratory investigation including complete blood count tests and coagulation profile
  • Eat light during dinner time
  • Do not drink or eat after midnight

During procedure

  • IV medications to be given to relax the patient
  • Lie down on the left side, a device is placed that suctions and clears all the fluid from the mouth
  • A scope reaches the esophagus via the mouth
  • Once varices are identified scope is removed and banding device is attached at the scope end
  • This helps to attach the enlarged veins which are then banded.


  • Monitor the patient after sedatives fade away
  • Recommend clear liquids after 4 hours of surgery
  • After 4 hours, soft foods are allowed

Variceal bleeding and re-bleeding can be avoided by medicines like beta-blockers

Post-operative risks

  • Re-bleeding
  • Puncture of esophagus wall
  • Sores in esophagus
  • Narrowing of esophagus
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