Endoscopic Ultrasonography (EUS)

Endoscopic Ultrasonography (EUS)

EUS is a method based on ultrasound. An endoscope is used that provides a clear view of internal structures surrounding the GI tract.

It provides an excellent view of internal parts such as the biliary system, pancreas, and mediastinum.


  • After conscious sedation, EUS is conducted via an oral route.
  • The sample is obtained from the suspected lesions including nodes in the mediastinum, and tumorous tissue of biliary duct and pancreas.
  • An internal drainage of various collections is possible, draining into the stomach or rectum. Thus, complicated and invasive surgeries can be avoided.


  • Evaluation and samples of adrenal gland, chest and abdominal nodes.
  • Assessment of dilated CBD without any underlying cause
  • Sampling of pancreatic mass or CBD
  • Drainage of collection internally
  • In Patients with chronic pancreatitis provides pain relief (Celiac plexus block)
  • In failed cases of ERCP allows stent placement in the CBD or liver
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