Painless Therapy for Piles

Painless Therapy for Piles

Piles are the inflamed, swollen tissues present internally or externally to the anal area. They consist of tissue, blood vessels, elastic fibers, and muscles. Hemorrhoids become problematic when they are inflamed.

Type of Piles:

  • External piles: These hemorrhoids are present under the skin and around the anus.
    This includes anus’s mouth or the anal canal.
  • Internal piles: These are present inside the rectum, including sites such as the anal canal.

Symptoms of piles:

  • A painful lump around the anus
  • Redness, swelling, and soreness around the anus
  • Pain prior to passing stools

Causes of piles:

  • Aging (Tissue gets weakened)
  • Indigestion and constipation
  • Stress and sitting for long duration
  • Improper eating habits
  • Less fibrous foods


A digital rectal examination is helpful that consists of a proctoscope with a hollow tube consisting of a light system. This allows examination of anal canal.
Additionally, colonoscopy is also advised.


Initial treatment included medication, and lifestyle modifications such as exercising, intake of fibrous foods.

Medicines such as corticosteroids, and laxatives are helpful.

Surgical method for removing piles.

Banding: At the base of piles, an elastic band is placed in order to impair the blood supply.
This causes disruption of piles, and indicated for mild to moderate grade piles.

Infrared coagulation: It causes burning of haemorrhoids. Indicated for grade II and grades III haemorrhoids.

Sclerotherapy: Medication is injected to reduce piles. Indicated for grade II and grades III haemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid stapling: This treatment blocks the blood supply towards haemorrhoids and is less painful.

Hemorrhoidectomy: In this approach, surgical removal of haemorrhoids is done that completely removes the piles.

Piles problems are caused due to unhealthy dietary intake. Thus, care should be taken to timely correct the lifestyle and if needed painless options are suggested.

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