Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition Clinic

Every individual is unique with their unique lifestyle and nutritional preferences. We provide a dietician who evaluates the overall nutritional needs of the patient. Depending on the age, sex, and BMI individualized nutritional and diet plan is offered the patient.

Importance of nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy is an effective approach that is gaining wide spectrum of popularity in managing chronic conditions.

Here, we provide a specific individualized approach that enhances physical health, and mental well-being.

We assess the diet according to digestive disorders, allergies, and nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional therapy evaluates the lack of essential nutrients, and the manner by which it influences the health. Digestive disorders require a thorough assessment of digestion and nutritional status. Our experts provide the latest knowledge about nutrition to educate and inform the patients.

Our aim is to create awareness regarding dietary factors and how they play a significant role in disease management. Many patients lose their appetite during illness that impairs their body systems.

Thus, we offer you diet that fulfils your physical, mental and overall health needs.

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