Case Study

Despite the fact that we all consume vitamins and supplements, not everyone does so. Without a Doctor’s approval, using supplements can be expensive and risky. These products frequently have undetectable negative side effects. With Deven, the same thing took place. He came to our clinic in really POOR HEALTH, VOMITING, ACUTE LIVERFAILURE ACUTE HEPATITIS & JAUNDICE.

He has overcome this circumstance thanks to God’s Grace and Dr. Ankita’s Expertise. He received the best care possible in order to recuperate quickly. Now that he is recovering well with medical care at GLEC. We advise not to take unsupervised gym products, supplements, and mass gainers as they may contain heavy metals, adulterated chemicals and steroid.

What is Lactose Intolerance?
Inability to digest lactose. This can cause constipation, abdominal discomfort and diarrhoea following consumption of dairy products like milk and is caused due to a lack of lactase, an enzyme.
They are twins. One is smaller in weight and height as you can observe. He is less nourished and is less immune.
Dr. Ankita analyzed him and concluded that he had LACTOSE INTOLERANCE at an early age. Endoscopy confirmed that small intestines are not absorbing milk.
Dr. Ankita administers the child treatment and the Patient is healing well.
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