Endoscopic Obesity Therapy

Endoscopic Obesity Therapy

Obesity has become a common health problem that impacts all aspects of life. The treatment of obesity remains difficult for a majority of patients as maintaining a healthy weight is not possible for all. Dietary and lifestyle changes may fail to bring out weight loss outcomes. Therefore, new approaches are required to tackle this problem.

The endoscopic obesity therapy is a safe method for weight reduction. These novel procedures have evolved and offer imperative options to patients who want to lose weight.
This treatment helps to achieve a desirable outcome. There are no side effects as it is a non-invasive approach.

Benefits of Endoscopic Obesity Therapy

This approach has many advantages compared to other weight loss methods such as:

  • Endoscopy is incision-free. Endoscope is inserted into the mouth that reaches the stomach.
  • Less stay in hospital as patients are usually discharged the same day
  • Quick recovery
  • Reversible method as no part is permanently removed or excised from the intestinal tract.
  • Lower risks and complications in patients with high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, acid reflux and diabetes.


Insertion of flexible instruments to the stomach via the mouth.

Precise endoscopic instruments help in stitching. Tiny cameras magnify visualization and makes it easy to suture the stomach without any incision.

Advantages of Endoscopic Suturing:

  • Absence of external incision
  • No requirement of medicines
  • Weight reduction of up to 30%

Intragastric balloon

A reversible approach for weight reduction.


  • Patient is sedated
  • A narrow tube reaches the stomach through the mouth.
  • A balloon device is attached to a small device that reaches the stomach.
  • 24-36 ounces of fluid is pumped into the balloon.
  • The inflated balloon is placed in the stomach, resulting in appetite reduction. This helps the patient to reduce dietary intake.
  • Balloon is removed after 6 months as placement for longer duration may lead to balloon deflation
  • Balloon is punctured and allows emptying through the catheter
  • A snare polypectomy or grasping forceps helps in removal of balloon.

Correct identification of balloon is important to prevent bowel obstructions.

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